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Rebate / Free Offer

Take the hassle out of managing your rebate or free offer program – let the experts at Fosdick Fulfillment manage the order processing and fulfillment of these programs for you. We are conversant on all of the legal and consumer issues related to these types of programs and can help you navigate the regulatory environment of rebate fulfillment with ease.

Fast Fact: Increasing the size of a rebate increases not only sales, but redemption rates.


Fosdick's Role

Turnkey Services

  • Fosdick will consult and help you build the most appropriate offer structure.
  • Fosdick will design and draft copy for your order form(s).
  • Fosdick can assist with the budgeting process and forecasting consumer/trade redemption rates, including a cost/redemption analysis, based upon decades of experience with such rebate fulfillment programs.
  • Fosdick will print the medium that you choose to promote the offer.
  • Fosdick will test the order processing and fulfillment of your promotions based upon strict adherence to client specifications.
  • Fosdick will recommend the best payment vehicle needed to reach your target audience.
  • Fosdick provides online reporting, available 24/7.
  • Fosdick can provide "live" customer service or self-service online access to your consumers.
  • Fosdick will build, maintain and update a unique database of participating consumers.

Factors to Help You Succeed

  • Develop a specific objective for your program. Note that rebates are positioned to provide the perception of a strong price discount to the consumer; coupons provide the actual discount at point-of-sale.
  • Include a rebate strategy as part of your specific promotion mix; programs of this type increase product movement and generate brand awareness to the trade and to the consumer.
  • Include creative strategy with rebate programs to increase consumer appeal and response levels.
  • Make the rebate fulfillment offer easy to find and easy to use. It will benefit the brand, the retailer and the consumer.
  • Maximize consumer participation by making proof-of-purchase requirements uncomplicated, clear and easy for compliance.
  • Additional incentive overlays to the rebate offer will increase response rates as well as sales of your brand. Tie-in offers with the retailer may provide you with additional retail support, i.e., in-store signage, feature ads or off-shelf displays.
  • The value of requiring a dated cash register receipt is questionable since proofs of purchase are the real confirmation of purchase.
  • Draft rebates work the best. Case studies show a $5.00 coupon pulled close to 150% higher than five $1.00 coupons on a bounceback basis. However, if the objective is to generate repeat purchases, the bounceback tactic encourages the consumer to purchase again (at least 85% of the time of the redemption rate for a bounceback coupon).
  • Terms must be simple and clear and easy to interpret. Clearly specify the required numbers of proof of purchase, types of proofs required, expiration date of the program and allotted time for delay.
  • Do not over use rebate programs; most used frequency is three times per year in the same market area for the same brand.
  • Build a database of brand customers who respond to your rebate program. This list can be used for market research, direct mail campaigns, product sampling and more.