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E-Commerce Fulfillment

Online E-Commerce is a vital channel of distribution for all direct marketers, with sales migrating to the Internet with ever increasing velocity. Given the24/7 demands of e-commerce, it is critical that marketers select a fulfillment company that is responsive to consumer expectations and can effectively deliver ecommerce fulfillment services with both speed and accuracy. At Fosdick Fulfillment, we are experts at ecommerce fulfillment and meeting the unique challenges of e-commerce marketers.

Fosdick receives ecommerce fulfillment generated orders through multiple paths including:

  • Shopping Carts – At Fosdick we can process ecommerce fulfillment orders through your shopping cart
  • Inbound Call Centers – Even though consumers may be shopping on a website, sometimes they may prefer to speak to a live operator. At Fosdick we are flexible and can receive ecommerce fulfillment orders from a live operator environment, IVR or even through our own Customer Service Center (CSC). Our CSC is specially trained and skilled at turning customer service calls into sales.

Having achieved our first Level 1 PCI Compliance in 2012 Fosdick maintains the highest IT computer standards as it relates to security and flexibility. Fosdick’s dedicated staff of programmers and data processing personnel ensures a secure environment for the first phase of inbound orders. We integrate with your inbound order takers and website to capture your orders. Our approved Merchant Processors, who adhere to the highest industry standards, must first authorize orders received.

Approved orders are then automatically printed on labels or order sets and sent to our warehouse with due speed. Rejected orders are reprocessed to make sure that the greatest number of valid orders can be processed; however, we take special care to work with our Merchant Processors to filter out any permanently rejected orders so that the marketer’s financial risk is minimized.

Once approved, orders are printed on labels or order sets and sent to our warehouse for pick, pack and ship. Backorders, for out of stock items, are managed through our backorder system and we take special care to manage customer expectations if this situation arises.

Working in direct communication with our Data Center, our Warehousing Services Department will pick, pack and ship orders forwarded by the Data Center. Fosdick consults with clients to ensure they optimize their postage savings by selecting which location(s) they ship from.

With ecommerce fulfillment centers in Wallingford, Connecticut, Toronto, Canada, and Reno, Nevada, Fosdick customers can take advantage of truly integrated, bi-coastal locales that enhance shipping speed and reduce costs.


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