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Subscription Box Fulfillment

Although Subscription Box Fulfillment is a hot and growing business, Fosdick has been fulfilling continuity subscriptions since the 1970s working with companies like International Silver, Playtex, and Danbury Mint. This long term understanding of the needs of marketers with repeating monthly shipments, has put us in a excellent position to understand and fill the needs of today’s Subscription Box Fulfillment Customers.

Today, Fosdick has amassed an impressive resume within this category with clients in the cosmetics, pet care, sports & leisure and beauty categories.  We are the go-to service for small businesses outgrowing their current fulfillment capabilities. We understand the business, their needs and are there to provide a conduit for their growth through are ability to easily scale and our versatility in meeting their changing needs over time. We maintain our promised service levels and quality even through times of dramatic, explosive growth.

We vigilantly monitor all item inventory levels to assure that during the kit assembly process we are in a position to fulfill all kit variations. Whether your fulfillment needs are simple – such as sending out one box type to all of your customers – or more complex – even to the level of individualized customization (“pick and pack”), Fosdick has the staffing, experience, systems and resources to meet your needs.

Throughout the years, we’ve developed our own proprietary software that allows us to optimally manage any type of kit inventory, assembly and reporting. Through our system of Complete Order Visibility we can track and report everything regarding a given job – from receipt, production, carrier induction and all the way through to the final delivery to the end-customer.

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