Retail Distribution

When conducting business with brick and mortar, home shopping, and catalogue retailers, trading partners must be attentive to the strict fulfillment guidelines associated with each new product. Meeting these requirements best achieved when companies are strategic regarding third party logistics. 

But these days, its can be difficult to discern companies offering real fulfillment solutions from those whose lack of experience may lead to the squandering of vital shelf space, airtime, or product placement!

Fosdick operators take great pride in the company’s record of full retail compliance. Decades of experience have put our processes to the test, and we are fully confident in our ability to execute your specific retail distribution flawlessly. Let us help you navigate this intricate world to ensure your business-to-business relationships flourish.

Fosdick systems are functional with most major retail data exchange platforms including Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), File Transport Protocol (FTP), and Applicability Statement 2 (AS2). 

Fosdick is also the only 3PL offering EDI Complete™, a state-of-the-art, proprietary system that provides a full network of system infrastructure without the added expense of external labor and administration.

Common EDI documents exchanged  through EDI Complete™ include:

Protocol 810 – Invoice
Protocol 812 – Returns
Protocol 816 – Organizational Relationships
Protocol 820 – Remittance Advice
Protocol 850 – Purchase Order
Protocol 855 – Purchase Order Acknowledgement
Protocol 856 – Ship Notice/Manifest (also known as Advanced Shipping Notice or ASN.)
Protocol 860 – Purchase Order Change Request (from Buyer)
Protocol 864 – Text Message
Protocol 997 – Functional


EDI Complete™ is an end-to-end solution reporting initial receipt of purchase orders, routing compliance, automated shipment transmission, final transmission of program invoices, and more.

Our retail fulfillment production department supports a variety of “label” requirements including SSCC18 (UCC-18) and SSCC-14.  We also offer text message monitoring and will update performance retail databases for all trading partners.