What Worked and What Didn’t in 2023: Reflecting on Peak – RADIAL

As we enter the last leg of retail peak season, it’s time to start asking some critical questions about how your brand weathered the storm:

  • What was effective?
  • What didn’t work?
  • What was most surprising?
  • Where did you feel the least prepared?
  • What, maybe most critically, needs to change for 2024?

Peak season planning is an ever-evolving practice – just when you believe you’ve identified the right metrics and nailed down the most elegant forecast; the marketplace flips the script on all your precious modeling.

The truth is, the best preemptive measures still can’t hold a candle to what is gleaned through candid and objective reflection. But where many brands get it wrong is only focusing on the good and doubling down, or fixating on the bad and over-indexing on prevention. Ultimately, it is important that brands avoid venturing too deep down either rabbit hole and instead look back at the peak with enough distance to see the complete picture.

That’s why we love Radial’s framework for the comprehensive peak audit. Consider each of the following to quickly identify focus areas for your brand and reveal a clear path forward.



EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION                      OMNICHANNEL                                                 PAYMENTS & FRAUD

SCALABILITY                                                     ORDER FULFILLMENT                             RETURNS PROCESSING

COMMUNICATION                                        SHIPPING AND DELIVERY                         CUSTOMER SERVICE