eCommerce Fulfillment

Given the 24/7 demand of eCommerce, companies must prioritize response to customer expectations. For retailers, this is often easier said than done…

Now, as omnichannel becomes the industry standard,  supply chain services are more than vendors. They are extensions of the brands they serve.

This is especially true of shipping and fulfillment operations – the partners retailers trust to process, assemble, and deliver orders with the same attention to detail as a brand founder.


Your brands 3pl is the final checkpoint for quality control, and the keeper of customer experience.


After nearly 60 years of service, Fosdick operators understand this. We are in the business of protecting your company’s reputation leveraging high-quality, efficient, and scaleable operations to enrich brand narrative. 


A leader in the industry for over 50 years…



Direct to Consumer       

23 Million Orders Shipped

1. Pick, Pack, & Ship

2. Continuity & Sub Box Fulfillment

3. Kitting & Inventory Rework

4. Returns Processing

5. Amazon – FBA


Customer Service

1. 150-Seat Call Center

2. Inbound/Outbound

3. Email, Chat, & Call-In Services

4. Dedicated Customer Service Dashboard

5. Customer Feedback


Business to Business

1. Retail Distribution (EDI)

2. Master Case Pick & Pack

3. Full-Pallet/Finished Goods

4. Product Rework & Retail Displays

5. Amazon – Fulfillment by Amazon