A true American success story.

Fosdick Fulfillment is a true American success story. Founder Ray Fosdick founded the company in 1965. A friend was gold plating drink spoons and then advertising them for sale at $2 a piece in publications such as Good Housekeeping and Parade magazines. The spoons were a hit and soon International Silver was selling product directly to consumers via a catalogue. Fosdick went into the business of fulfilling the orders by taking keypunch cards and converting them into continuous form labels.

Ray Fosdick

Ray Fosdick, Our Founder

This early success led to managing the national rebate business for General Electric, coupon-based business, and the first continuous form credit card slip for American Express Corporation. The Company’s first bi-coastal business came in the form of cataloguer and direct response print advertiser Carol Wright Gifts.

The 1980s saw another milestone occur when the Company acquired business from five divisions of IBM including its typewriter division and, later, the PCjr. Between IBM, American Express, Prodigy, Publisher’s Clearinghouse and Sears among others, the Company was fulfilling over eight million information kits a year as well as a variety of continuity programs.

With the Reagan Administration’s deregulation of television airtime in 1984, the DRTV business, with its ubiquitous record and cassette offers, began to percolate, and the Company was able to take advantage, a trend that continued into the 1990s. By then the Company was shipping everything from fruitcakes to aerobic videos from the likes of Richard Simmons.

Since then Bill, along with a committed and long-term management team, has helped the company grow its physical and technological capabilities where today Fosdick is a leader in fulfillment for DRTV, e-commerce and retail.