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William J. Pappas

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our President and CEO, Bill Pappas. Bill just recently celebrated his 52nd anniversary at Fosdick. His is the quintessential American success story, and his leadership will forever symbolize the limitless good that is possible when grit and determination are matched with integrity.

Bill quite literally entered the business on the ground floor, sweeping the docks for Ray Fosdick. Years of hard work and an eagerness to learn paid off. Before long, Bill had graduated up the ranks in management, before eventually purchasing the business outright.


Amidst his personal successes, Bill always put employees and clients first. His ambition was great, but what made Bill truly special was the scale of his compassion. He had a huge heart, and opened its warmth to all to all who knew him, treating everyone in his life just like family.

Bill was a true mentor within the 3PL community, and was always willing to share tricks of the trade with those coming up in the industry. He wanted us all to be the best we could be.

Bill Pappas was certainly a great businessman, but he will be remembered best by those who knew and loved him as a husband, father, brother, mentor, and friend. He cared unconditionally for everyone with whom he crossed paths, in business and in life, and he will be in our hearts forever.

We love and miss you, Bill.


The Pappas, Denne and Fosdick Fulfillment families.