When You’ve Been an Industry Leader for Over 50 Years, You’ve Earned the Right to Be Called an Expert.

Customers have expectations of the products they buy, not the least of which is an undamaged package, delivered on time. You hold your brand to the same high standards, but you also know the customer’s door is the last stop on a long line of complex processes from order management and credit card processing to the physical pick, pack, and ship of each unit.

At Fosdick, we are dedicated to seamless efficiency at every phase. That’s because our business is protecting your brand’s integrity and reputation within the marketplace.

Fosdick has cultivated valuable partnerships with businesses of all sizes and categories – from GE and American Express to IBM and Publisher’s Clearinghouse. 

When DRTV rose to prominence in the 1980’s, Fosdick was there to fill the full service needs of the industry’s key players. Then came the dot com era, tech 2.0, and a host of new D2C models that would revolutionize the way companies scale and grow businesses. From e-commerce to digitally native subscription programs, Fosdick has been there every step of the way, a pioneer in the logistics systems that facilitate the modern supply chain.

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