Six big numbers of 2021… – Robinhood Snacks

A few interesting trends from the boys at Market Snacks to wrap up some of the highest impact data sets from 2021. The big list of six looks at billionaires in space, CEO vernacular, rising NFT prices (and also, what is an NFT?!), similarly rising gas prices, viewership for the latest Netflix breakout series, Squid Game; and a bit on Alibaba’s antitrust fine from Chinese regulators.

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  • 51 = # of commercial space launches this year, including Virgin GalacticSpaceX, and Blue Origin space-tourism missions (feat. “Star Trek” icon William Shatner and former footballer Michael Strahan).
  • 3,091 = # of times the word “journey” was mentioned on earnings calls, as corporate execs grappled with a mixed bag of financial recovery + major global issues.
  • $69M = the record-smashing price that an NFT sold for at a Christie’s auction, as the value of digital assets soars. You could buy many metaverse yachts with that money.
  • +58% = rise in US gas prices from last year. The pump anxiety is real, and could make it way pricier to heat and electrify homes this winter.
  • 313M+ = total “Squid Game” views, including 142M+ views of the actual Netflix series and 171M views of Mr. Beast’s YouTube re-creation.
  • $2.8B = Alibaba’s historic antitrust fine. As Chinese regulators crack down on tech titans, the value of US-listed Chinese companies has plunged.