Warehousing latest issue in supply chains- THE FENCE POST

At the end of February, representatives of agriculture, ocean and rail freight, logistics, consumer goods, and more met in LA for The International Sweetener Colloquium. The event, which opened with a golf tournament, welcome reception, and after-hours party, crescendoed on Tuesday the 28th during a discussion on supply chain issues in food and beverage.

The supply chain outlook panel was moderated by Donald Grady of the International Dairy Foods Association and featured Marcel van Dijk, cargo marketing manager at the Port of Los Angeles; Jill Brubaker, executive director at the Rail Customer Coalition; and Jim Ritchie, president and CEO of RedStone Logistics.

The big takeaway: while the supply chain is still riddled with trucking, rail, and ocean shipping issues for food and beverage brands, the latest question mark has to do with warehousing.  The core predicament – should food companies build or rent more warehouse space for more immediate access to inventory supply?