1. SPECTRUM BRANDS to Acquire Cookware & Appliance Units of Tristar Products – MARKET WATCH

FROM THE ARTICLE: Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc. said it has reached a deal to acquire the cookware and home-appliances business units of Tristar Products Inc. for at least $325 million in cash. The consumer-products and home-essentials company said Friday it could pay up to an additional $125 million if certain targets are met. The deal includes the PowerXL, Emeril Lagasse and Copper Chef brands, which will merge with Spectrum Brands’ home and personal care unit, the company said.

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2. TWIN HEALTH: Digital Twin Studies: the Next in Equal, Equitable, Healthcare – BIO SPACE

FROM THE ARTICLE: “Broadly speaking, a digital twin is a replica of a series of systems – the biometrics, biospecimen, behaviors and the environment – that make up and contextualize the individual, Three digital twin observational studies are underway at the MIL, funded by the National Institutes of Health. Each study participant will receive wearables and ‘nearables’ to measure such factors as blood pressure, weight, sleep activity and certain biospecimen.

We’re initially focusing on Alzheimer’s disease and cardiovascular disease involving under-served Black and Latin Americans in rural and urban settings. We also want to see how sleep (both in terms of quality and quantity) may contribute to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. This will advance the science, improve access to healthcare, and fill critical gaps in health systems.” 

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3. Food & bev brands good for people, kind to animals, & easy on the planet.  – TOMORROW FARMS

ABOUT TOMORROW FARMS: We’re building irresistible food and beverage brands that are better for people, kinder to animals, and easier on the planet. We believe there is a better way to make our favorite foods. One that doesn’t use mysterious or artificial ingredients. One that doesn’t exploit or abuse animals. One that doesn’t compromise our health, or the planet’s. Solving our food system’s biggest problems isn’t just something we ought to do. It’s something we have to do, and it can’t wait until tomorrow.

Lucky for you, it won’t have to. At Tomorrow Farms, we’re bringing the future of food right to your front door. The revolution has begun, and despite what you may have heard, it will not be boring or bland. The revolution will be delicious

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4. Know your risk for heart disease – BECAUSE MARKET BLOG

FROM THE ARTICLE: The quickest way to determine your risk of heart disease is to take an at-home test. By filling out a simple questionnaire and collecting a finger-prick blood sample, you can obtain a thorough assessment that will give you insight into your heart’s health. At-home tests from Because Market are powered by ImAware™, with lab samples assessed in CLIA-Certified Labs in the United States. Results are physician-reviewed once the sample has been processed, and results are conveniently and securely delivered to you within 7 days. Plus, if any concerns arise, a doctor will directly call you to discuss your results.