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Harry’s Releases Shave With Pride Set in Collaboration With Zipeng Zhu – DESIGN MILK

FROM THE ARTICLE: The Shave With Pride set launched in recognition of Pride month, with Harry’s donating 100% of their profits to The Trevor Project in the United States and £10 from each purchased set and razor to The Albert Kennedy Trust in the United Kingdom.

Each Shave With Pride set comes in a colorful box featuring Zhu’s typography, vibrant colors and bold graphics and text, perfectly aligning with Harry’s ethos and Pride. Inside the designer box, you’ll find a limited edition razor with a weighted handle featuring an iridescent rainbow finish with yellow grip, along with foaming Shave Gel, three German-engineered blade cartridges and a travel blade cover.

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Madison Reed’s Amy Errett is betting on brick-and-mortar hair salons – FAST COMPANY

Revolutionizing Main Street: How Shopping Hubs Are Changing – THE WISE MARKETER

FROM THE ARTICLE: Westfield World Trade Center, Manhattan. Heavy on services (it is part of the same structure that houses the World Trade Center Transportation Hub), this 5-year-old center is adding online-only merchant Elysium Health’s first brick store. Elysium develops health and wellness products based on advancements in research by its own scientists and engineers (and a Scientific Advisory Board with eight Nobel Prize winners). 

Ritual enters protein space – NATURAL INGREDIENTS USA

Underdog Brands Turn to Bluewater for Unique Approach to Drive ROI – BLUEWATER.TV

FROM THE ARTICLE: Bluewater, a DTC marketing and advertising agency, has outpaced the competition in becoming the “underdog whisperer” for small business, start-ups and struggling brands.

Brands such as Navage, Blackstone Products, SodaStream and Cubii, that were once small or lesser-known companies, all partnered with Bluewater for that needed significant growth…The President and Founder of Navage, Martin Hoke, stated “the growth of Navage was built largely on TV advertising, Bluewater’s knowledge of the industry, genuine passion for the brand and meticulous attention to detail were key contributors to our success.”