Our History

Formed in 1965, Fosdick Fulfillment Corporation was born from the magical fusion that occurs when a market need meets American ingenuity.  Original founder Ray Fosdick recognized this need when the International Silver Company saw a surge in catalog orders. Fosdick began fulfilling orders by converting keypunch cards into continuous-form labels.

This early success led to a contract with General Electric wherein Fosdick managed national rebate and coupon-based business, as well as the first-ever continuous form credit card slip for American Express Corporation. Soon Fosdick was operating on both North American coasts through a partnership with cataloguer and direct response print advertiser Carol Wright Gifts.

The 1980s marked another important milestone as Fosdick would help guide the word processing and personal computing boom through acquired business with IBM. Work with IBM, American Express, Prodigy, Publisher’s Clearinghouse, and Sears had Fosdick fulfilling upwards of eight million information kits per year in addition to an impressive roster of continuity programs.

Then, in 1984, the deregulation of television airtime paved the way for an all-new DTC channel. Direct Response Television Marketing (DRTV) exploded, creating massive demand for fulfillment services.  The DRTV trend continued into the 1990s with the advent of the infomercial, and soon Fosdick was working with nearly every major player in the space.

Fosdick has maintained its DRTV relationships, evolving alongside firms into the era of eCommerce while continuing to branch out and diversify. Today Fosdick works with digitally native start-ups and established brands alike  – including many subscription and continuity-based models. The company shipped 23 million DTC orders in 2022 and built a retail distribution network with over 3000 retailers. Fosdick’s offerings include pick, pack, and ship services; kitting; inventory reworks; retail display builds; influencer sample fulfillment; wholesale and retail EDI fulfillment; warehousing and warehouse transfer services; and material sourcing for ship carton and retail packaging. Fosdick also employs a 150-seat customer call center, a dedicated data control team for credit card processing services, and a team of web developers capable of customizing client reporting and system logic.