About Spark Innovators Corp. – SPARKINNOVATORS.COM

With this month’s focus on legendary DRTV personality Ron Popeil, and the general resurgence of the Direct Television model, we’re taking some time to highlight long time client Spark Innovators.

FROM THE SPARK WEBSITE: Spark is the cutting edge product development, marketing and distribution firm in the ever-growing As Seen on TV industry. We bring innovative ideas to the world.

Our products are sold in over 50,000 retail doors in the USA, and worldwide. Our mission is to provide quality products at fair prices, for the simple goal of improving people’s lives!

MUD\WTR Launches Newspaper ‘Trends w/ Benefits’ and New Media Platform, Led by Dersu Rhodes, Former VICE Creative Director – YAHOO

Oddobody featured among doctor approved underwear brands – NEW YORK MAGAZINE

Everything Tastes Better With Coffee – WANDERING BEAR 

A tremendous library of coffee themed recipes from Wandering Bear. Our personal favorite – Coffee Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Smoothie. Follow the link above to try one of these unique coffee concoctions for yourself!

The Gem Blog – DAILYGEM.CO

Another highlight of a client partner whose own original content is some of the best and most informative among the nutrition and supplementation space. Gem has featured articles on everything from the benefits of Magnesium (more than one might think!) to a definitive overview of “kaleidoscopic health” and how to achieve it. Check them out!

Behind Her Empire: LOLA Co-Founder Alex Friedman on Building a Better Tampon – DOT.LA

FROM THE ARTICLE: LOLA was created to address the need for more transparency in women’s health. It was begun as a passion product to understand whether women would be interested in a tampon product made from healthier ingredients. Since then, it has grown to create its own feminine care items free from harmful chemicals.

“Nobody had any idea what we were talking about,” Friedman says. “Ninety-five percent of the people we were meeting with were men. And they didn’t have any personal understanding of or empathy for a woman’s reproductive experience and had never seen or touched a tampon.”

Friedman and her partner were able to “lean into” the knowledge gap, something she says created “warm friendships and relationships” and was “fun and productive.”

Trace Anderson ft. in: Kate Hudson, 42, Shared Her Lower-Body Workout for Strong Legs on Instagram – PREVENTION

FROM THE ARTICLE: {Kate} Hudson has been performing most of her training with Nguyen, but many followers speculate this particular workout is part of the Tracy Anderson Method, a program Hudson has turned to previously for a killer sweat sesh. The workouts focus on activating small muscles and keeping them consistently challenged to strengthen and lengthen.