Our Mission.

It is the mission of Fosdick Fulfillment Corporation to leverage extreme industry knowledge and dedication to client service in order to provide a superior menu of fulfillment solutions to Direct Marketing Companies. 

At Fosdick, we are committed to maintaining meaningful client relationships founded on integrity and transparency so that our goal of universal customer satisfaction is aligned with that of every partner company and the markets they serve. Through these efforts, Fosdick endeavors to uphold its long-standing reputation as a B2B leader and innovator.

Fosdick Fulfillment Corporation also recognizes that each employee plays an active role in the company’s overall success. To that end, we work to ensure a safe and healthy workplace where employees feel supported in their professional growth and opportunities for professional advancement are plentiful.

This support is not limited solely to the Fosdick family, but also to the community at large as charitable involvement and outreach at both the corporate and employee levels, is encouraged and championed.

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