Biden makes electric pitch at Ford plant: “There’s no turning back” – THE DETROIT NEWS

We’ve talked about the EV revolution for years. The delay was never about the technology. Heck, there’s people out there running cars on everything from soybeans to limes to hydrogen fuel (yes…that’s water).

No the reason we haven’t seen mass adoption of EV’s (or any of the other zero emission options) is twofold: style and affordability. Hybrid or electric options have always been either really expensive or really ugly. No more.

President Biden recently laid out the options for workers at the Ford Motor Co. Rouge Electric Vehicle Center. Invest in manufacturing electric vehicles at scale and – given the reach of Ford – come as close to monopolizing a marketplace as the Model T once had…

…or, be one of the few American companies unwilling to battle it out with China for EV dominance. This would certainly go over well, what with Ford being one of the most quintessential American brands in history…

Part of the President’s plan includes a phrase we have not heard much over the past 20 years, and especially with respect to manufacturing. Of course, we are referring to Biden’s promise to “secure a domestic EV supply chain, ensure a nationwide network of charging stations, make EVs accessible to average consumers and do it with a unionized workforce.”


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