MUD\WTR: 18 Products That’ll Get You in a Good Headspace – SKIM

FROM THE ARTICLE: A delicious, energy-boosting bev that isn’t coffee…

You don’t have to break up with your barista. But don’t be surprised if you start leaning less Team Cup o’ Joe, and more Team Cup o’ Joy with this chocolatey-chai blend. MUD\WTR combines only the good stuff to help you re-energize, refocus, and harness your body’s natural energy. 

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LITTLE PASSPORTS: 11 Best Subscription Boxes to Engage your Child in 2022 – YAHOO

FROM THE ARTICLE:  While the holidays are filled with joyous merriment, they’re also a huge undertaking for parents. Now that a new year is upon us, it’s time to give yourself a little break. Instead of putting together projects and activities to keep your kids entertained, let someone else do the hard work for you.

Companies like KiwiCo, We Craft Box, and Little Passports offer a variety of kid’s subscription boxes that deliver engaging diversions right to your door. 

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GOBY: Best Toothbrush Subscriptions 2022 – VERYWELLHEALTH

FROM THE ARTICLE:  Electric toothbrushes can be expensive, but Goby offers affordable options—and that includes the subscription box. For only $12, you get a new brush head and toothpaste delivered to your home, ensuring you have the products you need for a clean, beautiful smile.  

How are Goby’s sleek, modern brushes so affordable? The company sells directly to the customer. The brushes come with a 60-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. Goby’s goal is to make great oral care accessible to all and even donates a portion of sales to the NYU College of Dentistry’s Global Student Outreach Program.

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 RITUAL:  The Posts with the Most: The Best Postnatal Vitamins of 2022 – GREATIST

FROM THE ARTICLE:  OK, we’re always gonna be obsessed with Ritual’s capsule aesthetic — it’s the only one we’d describe as beautiful. (And no, not the packaging, the actual capsules.) The company’s delayed-release capsule actually makes it easier to digest these vitamins, so Ritual says they can be taken with or without food.

They’re also vegan, including the DHA (normally from fish oil in most supplements) sourced from microalgae.

However, Ritual does require a subscription, and some reviewers complain that the vites cause (vegan) ocean-y burps.

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RADDISH KIDS: 2021 Gold Plate Winners Recognized by FMI Foundation – WINSIGHT GROCERY BUSINESS

FROM THE ARTICLE:  The mission of Eggland’s Best Share A Better Family Meal campaign was to encourage families to spend more time around the table eating nutritious meals together, as studies continue to show the positive, lifelong benefits of family meals. Eggland’s Best partnered with Raddish Kids, the leading children’s culinary subscription kit, to release a digital version of its popular cooking kit, “Eggscellent Experiments,” which is aimed at teaching kids culinary skills and nurturing their confidence in the kitchen. Eggland’s Best and Raddish Kids also co-hosted a series of live cook-along events for influencers, media and consumers.

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MISEN: The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $100 – VICE

FROM THE ARTICLE:  If there’s one thing every home cook needs, it’s a super-sharp, all-purpose knife for making easy, precise cuts, slices, and chops. The MUNCHIES team loves Misen‘s minimalist-cool, always-precise chef’s knife, and there’s something both practical and slightly psychosexual-hot about giving your partner a knife as a gift. 

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TRACY ANDERSON: Fitness Pioneer on the Secret to Sticking with a New Year’s Resolution: Don’t Set Impossible Goals – YAHOO

FROM THE ARTICLE: With a name synonymous with an innovative workout and a body she transformed with hard work and discipline, fitness pioneer Tracy Anderson …whose devotees include Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, and Tracee Ellis Ross…has become known for developing strategic routines to ensure that no client ever plateaus. Most recently, that’s included partnering with Citi on the Citi Spotify playlist, which features her motivational tips along the way. 

…This is the time to look past the superficial reasons people are motivated by and really understand the meaning of self-care…Don’t set impossible goals. Love yourself when you set the goal but do not cancel the goal if you fail. Keep going.