Leadership and Experience

Fosdick’s 53 years in operation are marked by a long history of owner manager leadership. This tradition has continued through the modern era with current CEO, Bill Pappas, who began his career in 1967 working under Ray Fosdick himself.

The entire senior management team at Fosdick came of age in the business, maturing with and adapting to shifts in the greater industry landscape.

Fosdick leadership has boldly guided the company through growth phases- from our humble roots in catalogue merchandising to the e-commerce and subscription-based sales of today- developing new solutions to meet the needs of a dynamic marketplace.

Why is this important to you?

The ability to troubleshoot business decisions in real time is vital to your company’s growth and scalability. The means by which this level of efficiency is achieved is only possible when fulfillment operations are in the hands of managers who are literally on the floor. These operators are deeply invested in logistics, and are well poised to apply that expertise to the particulars of your brand’s space. An added layer of transparency and communication then provides you the data and information necessary for nimble decision making.