Retail Direct Drop Shipping

There was a time, when web access armed consumers with a research tool. With the internet at their finger tips, research into brands and iterations of products types was made simple. Shoppers could even pin point the locations of the brick and mortar stores where they’d find the best deal!

Now that the internet has reached scale, however, ecommerce and its inherent convenience is slowly, but steadily, emerging as a preferred shopping method. Though online shopping still accounts for just a small portion of overall retail sales, product companies of all categories and sizes have begun to develop an ecommerce channel, pressure testing the many ways in which comapnies maintain their online presence. 

Whether your company sells on its own dedicated website, or through a major online retailer like Amazon, Walmart, or Target, a fulfillment partner with trusted EDI can be a huge asset in order management, overall efficiency, and customer relations. Our interfaces pair with your systems, or those of other major retailers, instantly recieving orders for inventory stored in our warehouse. From there, we’ll pick, pack, and ship direct to customers with tracking and confirmation info. All of this is done with extreme care for and consideration of  your brand’s reputation and long term health!