Subscription Box Fulfillment

Although the subscription model is trending, Fosdick has been providing continuity fulfillment since the 1970s working with companies like International Silver, Playtex, and Danbury Mint. These experiences have given Fosdick  a certain advantage, and these days, we are extremely well poised to meet the unique needs of modern subscription box brands. 

To date, Fosdick has amassed an impressive resume of subscription work with a variety of product types including cosmetics, pet care, sports & leisure, beauty, and more. We are the go-to service for any company, regardless of categorey, that has outgrown its current fulfillment!

Subscription Services:

  • Kit Variation Assembly | Shipping | Returns Processing
  • Proprietary Software | Kit Inventory Monitoring
  • Complete Order Visibility – from receipt to final delivery
  • Add-to Box Services
  • Lot Tracking
  • Daily Ecommerce/Shop Orders
  • Personalized Note Cards