Television Direct Response

It’s that look of satisfaction in your customer’s eyes when a package is delivered on time and undamaged. But that’s the tip of the iceberg. What ends up in a satisfied customer’s hands begins with a complex process of order-taking, credit processing, picking and packing and shipping. At Fosdick, we dedicate ourselves to making that process as smooth and efficient as possible. After all, we like satisfied customers too.

Fosdick basically grew up with the fulfillment business, working with businesses both large and small across the marketing spectrum – from GE to American Express to Carol Wright Gifts to IBM to Publisher’s Clearinghouse. When DRTV grew dramatically in the 1980’s, Fosdick was there to fill the full service needs of key players in that industry. Today, we’ve seen whole new businesses develop – in e-commerce, dot-coms, subscription programs and more. For our entire lifetime, we’ve not only been part of the fulfillment industry, we helped invent it and redefine it.?